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 A Solar Installation: What To Know and What To Expect

A quick look at what every home owner should be aware of prior to calling for a quote to make sure your home is already suitable.  Further details on what to expect throughout the process!

 Solar Power... Who Cares?

Even with provincial rebates available, most home owners are still wary to invest into a proven technology that will save them tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.  Why haven't you seriously considered solar yet?

 Simons Says

Quebec based La Maison Simons is a giant retailer for high end clothing.  Brothers Richard and Peter Simons have made the move to go with the biggest retail store solar installation in Canada.  Take a look at the beautiful parking lot canopy and the 926 panels that lay on the roof of Londonerry Mall!  

Solar: 1 Year Review

Solar panels have been installed on my roof for a year now and the results and what has happened since installing solar panels has changed   my life, but not in the ways you'd think!

Solar: Made In China?

Everyone who is curious asks where the panels are made from.  I proudly said they were Canadian Solar Panels, but China is pushing the technology and innovation month by month.  Can we keep up?



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