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Come early September 2017 the Quebec based ‘La Maison Simons’ will be opening its 2nd store here in Edmonton on the north end at Londonderry Mall! In 2015 the landlords of Londonerry Mall – 20 VIC Management Inc. announced a massive $130-million-dollar renovation that included a full demo and face lift of all mall common areas, the addition of a considerable number of new retailers, renovations of existing retailer spaces, new full-service dining experiences, a brand new relocated food court, as well as a lighting upgrade of all interior and exterior fixtures and a state-of-the-art security surveillance system. The main reason for this was the completion of the Anthony Henday ring road opens up a new customer base, and expands the target trade area for Londonderry. Residents of the nearby communities of St. Albert and Sherwood Park are now a 15-minute drive along the Henday to Londonderry Mall.

Not only did this renovation attract new clientele, it attracted Simons. Simons is introducing a never before featured dedicated shoe department but far more importantly Edmonton’s largest commercial retail solar installation – it highlights their leadership into the future of sustainability!

Simons is the biggest and brightest showcase in Edmonton of what the future may look like in terms of what commercial retailers should be doing with their space.

Environmental sustainability is key to the new Londonderry Simons, and over 50% of the store’s electricity usage will come from on-site renewable energy sources. The north parking lot beside Simons will include approximately 80 car parking spots that will be covered with canopies featuring 720 bifacial solar modules (the latest in solar technology), with glass on both surfaces to capture both direct and reflected sunlight. The parking lot canopy is one of the most elegant show pieces of solar technology that anyone has ever seen. Functional and beautiful this high quality design and workmanship add a sleek centrepiece to the front of the store! There will also be 950 high efficiency solar modules on Simons’ roof, and the entire solar-electric system is expected to generate over 550,000 kWh per year (the equivalent of 80 homes) in energy, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 350 tonnes per year. During peek production hours, the excess energy produced will be fed into the rest of the mall.

During yesterdays tour, each canopy was easily producing 10kWh of energy during a hazy August afternoon. Solar and sustainability enthusiasts were even invited over to charge their cars on the brand new parking lot chargers! Included will be two ‘level 2’ chargers and one ‘level 3’ fast charger, which will charge most electric vehicles to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Inside, compared to the West Edmonton Mall location, the Londonerry Simons has reduced their electricity consumption down to 62% by simply going to and LED fixture instead of the traditional Metal Halide Highbay fixtures.

Not only is Simons selling fashion at a fair price, they are showing consumers and other businesses that you can provide leadership and sustainability while still hitting your profit margins.

Edmonton’s newest innovation in self sustainability is a must see, even if you aren’t in the market for it. Its a very refreshing look and attitude towards a traditional retail!


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