Solar: Made In China?

Every time someone from Edmonton invites me into their home for a solar consultation, the inevitable question that comes up is “Where are the panels made?”

That is one of the most fair and valid questions to ask!  We’ve all seen the memes on Facebook floating around showing a big open strip mine with a heart felt warning on the bottom of the photo telling us how many children have died for the minerals and other toxicities involved in the production of solar modules. It looks big and scary, but it is not accurate!

As I’ve talked about before, sustainability and sourcing your products from ethical production plants, mines or forests is very important to many people, myself included. That is why when people asked where the panels are made from, it was always a point of pride that we didn’t and wouldn’t use Chinese made panels due to some less then acceptable production methods. It is no secret that a lot of products to come from China are “cheaper” for a good reason – usually there is a higher cost in slave labour or environmental damage.

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