Solar power…who cares?

Solar Edmonton – You know about the sun, that big, bright ball in the sky that makes life on earth possible. You may have even heard about solar power. Maybe you even thought, man, using the sun to create power is a pretty good idea!

Yet, even if you own your home, chances are you haven’t given serious thought going solar. There are plenty of great reasons to consider it:

  • Affordability – Solar power gets cheaper every year. The Alberta government recently launched a $36M rebate program. It offers homeowners a 30% (up to $10,000) rebate to ‘go solar.’
  • No power costs – You can stop paying for power AND earn credits by returning surplus power to the power grid.
  • Renewable – The sun isn’t going anywhere soon. It might be the truest renewable resource.
  • Plenty o’ sunshine – Alberta gets enough sun on average to make solar a worthwhile investment. We get 40% more sun per year than Germany, the world leader in solar technology use.
  • Durability – Solar panels last 25 years and even hail bounces off them.

That’s some good evidence to go solar….but here’s the thing, people aren’t. In fact, the government’s three-year goal is to have 10,000 homes install solar panels. ONLY 10,000…in a province of 4.25+ million people!

So, what gives? Let us know why you haven’t gone solar.

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